Scriptwright Production Alliance is a sort of notional Indie DV Movie Co-Op based in Johannesburg, South Africa a blend of age and experience with youth and enthusiasm, represented by DOP / Writer / Director Digby Young and Actor / Writer / new film maker Damon Berry. The parent company Scriptwright cc is used to provide the necessary real world facilities such as banking and credibility to support an informal group of new film makers subscribing to The Philosophy of the Do-able.
The Philosophy of the Do-able, entails treating limited financial and technical resources not as obstacles, but as parameters within which one will accept the challenge to work creatively. This does not mean accepting lower standards - on the contrary, it means designing projects which can be well-executed by making the best use of available resources.

Digby Young, Damon Berry and Casting Director Christa Schamberger pooled financial resources to invest in a Canon XL-1. Profits from a Scriptwright cc Corporate Video for a large motor manufacturer were re-invested in a small NLE system, giving Scriptwright Production Alliance the basics of a “Do-able Movie” facility.
The Production Alliance has been instrumental in finishing a variety of independent short movies - either our own, or projects started by others which had run into problems. Income returned by one of these rescue missions was recently invested in a manual 16x zoom for the Canon.

The Kultcha Klub theatre co-op, founded by actress Lynne Maree, embodied the same philosophy of doing the do-able instead of waiting for the big one that never happens… Much discussion about collaboration of some kind led to the Quickies Film Festival, held in conjuction with Kulcha Klub’s One Night Stand season of new plays.

The rules were simple: Shoot a story in one shot, lasting one minute, in twenty-four hours from “Action” to delivery of the finished film on DV tape.
Thirty-four films were made by wannabee Directors disguised as actors, ADs, writers, editors and runners! Scriptwright Production Alliance produced two, provided shooting and post-production support for two young wannabees, post-produced another, and donated tape stock to another two films by young film students. Twenty of the resulting “Quickies” were compiled into a half-hour programme broadcast on national television. Have a giggle at our two…

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