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When we design your site we see it all the way through. We can create, edit and package professional showreels for Actors and Directors fully accesible from within your site. We can even deliver the package on DVD for mailing out to producers or agents.

All our showreels are edited on an Avid DV Xpress editing suite by our in-house Avid-Certified video editor and packaged for either online presentation (in any format, though we recommend Flash Video, or Quicktime) or delivered in hardcopy or both.

We keep tape back-ups of everything we work on should you need more copies made at a later stage or wish to update your clips.

Starting from R350.00 for compiling, formatting and outputting to digital online media - our prices can't be beat.

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Please be aware that all our prices exclude VAT.

Media provided in FULL-RES Computer Format (MOV, AVI) on CD, DVD or miniDV Tape

Edit, Titling & Effects, Audio Mix, copy to DV master library tape, DVD (with menu and image sourced from footage) and backup of Edit on data CD.
Basic fee includes DVD Sleeve/jewel case, and a label printable DVD. 
Same as above for online delivery only (in any digital format)  R350.00

Media provided on VHS tape or DVD will be charged an additional R100 to digitise

The above prices assume that the artist has pre-selected material in order to minimise the time spent hunting for suitable scenes. - ORDER NOW


Footage provided raw in need of editing

 R150.00  per hour

Extra DVD copies & cases ordered at the same time as the Edit session and made from the computer master.

 R25.00  per disc  (in sleeve)  
 R30.00  per disc  (in jewel case) 

Extra DVD copies ordered later & made from the DV master library tape or computer backup, including copies of sleeves as above
Extra DVD copies ordered later & made from the master DVD, including copies of labels and jewel case inserts as above.
First of batch
Remainder of batch
  R30.00 per disc
Extra jewel cases with colour inserts - (does not include dvd - this is just the case)
  R7.00  per case

Showreel Up-dates
An update would involve changing no more than 50% by duration of an existing showreel edit.
R150 per hour for set-up / restore from backup, digitising new material, Edit, first copy and updating backup.
Additional copies as above.


Notes & Tips
Showreels-in-progress occupy large amounts of hard drive space.
Due to the phenomenon of incomplete / "serial" / abandoned showreels

If you intend on posting out copies of your showreel then we recommend the use of jewel cases as they are a little more durable than the card-board sleeves.

When selecting scenes please note the IN and OUT times and DVD chapter numbers with a few words describing the Production and the scene action.
It may be useful to have the correct Production name, Producer, character played, genre etc.
Consider a variety of "looks" to be captured from the material and note where these occur.
A DVD menu image will be captured from material, but you may prefer to supply a better quality image with your files. (Either as a print or in electronic form - via email, memory stick, or CD).

For ACTORS the trend abroad appears to be away from "zappity-snappity" promo-style reels. Include a few complete scenes in which you play a leading or substantial part.

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