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To date Inkless Media Productions, working in association with Scriptwright Production Alliance, has produced three independent films, namely; Play By Heart (2004), Blue Valentine (2005) and Beyond Words (2006).

The mission statement with each of our projects has always been to achieve the highest possible standard of writing, performance and technical film-making within the smallest possible budget. As such each of our films have been, to date, experiments - how much can we technically achieve within a micro-budget.

We have not always been succesful, but we believe the best way forward for South African filmmakers is to constantly keep pushing the bar.

South African films suffer from a major lack of audience interest and as such they are incredibly bad investments with very little possible ROI - our aim is to find ways to drop the initial budget while raising the standard, thereby making it a financially viable investment. In a country where your average gross for a local film falls somewhere between 300,000 and a couple of million Rand it is insane to have a film budgeted at over a million rand - unless you're Leon Schuster, you are never going to make your money back.

To find out more about our films and to view clips, and interviews with our directors and writers please go to our dedicated Film Production Site at

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